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postpartum Physical therapy

Postpartum Pelvic Floor Conditions we Treat At Gaia

  • Incontinence - the unwanted leakage of urine or stool, may not be able to feel when the bladder/rectum are full

  • Urinary urgency - an excessive or strong urge to empty the bladder, may be accompanied by leakage of urine 

  • Urinary frequency - feeling the need to urinate more than every 2 hours, or so often during the day it disrupts normal day to day tasks

  • Bowel urgency - an excessive or strong urge to empty your bowels, may be accompanied by leakage of gas or stool

  • Constipation - infrequent or hard stools, difficulty initiating bowel movements, sensation of incomplete emptying 

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse - the sensation of heaviness, bulging, dragging in the pelvis, typically worse after standing or at the end of the day

    • Can be accompanied by pain in the pelvis, low back, or incontinence 

  • Diastasis Recti - seeing doming or tenting shapes down the middle of your abdomen, feeling significant abdominal weakness

  • Painful Intercourse - pain with penetration or any components of intimacy in the vaginal or vulvar region, pain with touch to the entrance of vaginal opening or deep pelvic, abdominal  or hip pain with deeper penetration

    • Pain (or intense unfavorable sensation) or lack of sensation with arousal or climax that is new or ongoing

  • Pain in the low back, tailbone, or hip - all of these areas of pain have strong relationships to the pelvic floor and warrant an assessment or treatment 

  • Scar pain (abdominal, cesarean, perineal) - all scars or adhesions can contribute to pain or impaired movement of tissue, muscles, or joints and should be addressed when treating the body and pelvic floor

Postpartum Return to Exercise

In our postpartum rehabilitation program we:

  • Guide you how to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor for reestablish your foundation

  • Instruct you how to progress through an exercise program that starts with body weight and intentional movement, then adding load, endurance, and more complex body movements

  • Progress to your desired goals of high intensity lifting, running, or HIIT or crossfit style of exercise

  • Always take into consideration your goals and level of past and desired athleticism

Pelvic floor physical therapy for postpartum in Martinsburg, WV
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