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Experiencing Low Back
& Pelvic Pain?

Gaia Can Help

The lower back is one of the most common body regions for which people seek health care services.  Pelvic pain can range from 14-40% in the general population of reproductive age. How many of you have been told, “Back pain is just a normal part of pregnancy,” or, “of course your pelvis hurts, you just had a baby?” Just because these diagnoses are common, that does not make them acceptable. Did you know that nearly 50% of pregnant women report back pain?! There is also not one cookie-cutter program for each type of person presenting with back or pelvic pain.

Here at Gaia Women’s Physical Therapy and Wellness, you will receive individual care pertaining to your scenario. Whether your pain is new or persistent, pregnant or not, newly postpartum or decades postpartum, we can work together to meet your needs, reduce your pain, and return you to activities you love to do.

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