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Support for your Postpartum

Post-Caesarean &
Perineum Scar Pain

How common is Scar Pain?

  • Approximately 1/3 of all US births are cesarean sections and up to 18% may experience chronic scar pain

  • Greater than 85% of women who undergo a vaginal birth will sustain some degree of perineal tearing

  • Up to 11% of vaginal deliveries may result in a third- or fourth-degree tear

What is Scar Pain and Why do I have it?

Following abdominal or vaginal deliveries, sometimes the tissue develops acute or persistent pain, altered sensation (numbness, increased sensitivity) and or tension.  Scar tissue is a normal part of routine healing and is necessary to an extent…however, discomfort and restriction of the scar and surrounding tissue is not normal and can be treated in physical therapy through several different strategies (manual massage, myofascial release, stretching/exercise, and others).

Why seek treatment for your Scar

You may want to seek treatment for your scar tissue if you are experiencing symptoms like painful intercourse (particularly penetration/insertion), abdominal pain, frequency of urination, bladder pain with filling or emptying, low back pain, hip pain, umbilical/abdominal pain.  Others may also experience a feeling of weakness or difficulty connecting with your abdominal or pelvic floor muscle, a numbness or tingling in the region.  Due to the area of the scar tissue and which tissues  are involved other symptoms may be present.

How do you treat Scar pain?

Indirect tissue care (not directly on incision site) can begin early on (~2 weeks postpartum) to promote healing and streamline return to activity and direct tissue care begins once full skin closure occurs (typically around 6 weeks). 


We are gentle in our approach to scar care, we know it can be scary. Based on the location of the scar and intensity of symptoms we go at your pace. Our approach should never hurt.

Why Choose Gaia Women’s PT for your Scar Symptoms

Addressing scar and surrounding tissue mobility is absolutely necessary to address movement, pain, and bowel/bladder and whole body function. Most women experience some degree of tissue injury during childbirth and physical therapists are the best people for the job! You can contact us here to start treating your scar concerns.

Pelvic floor physical therapy for scars. postpartum physical therapy in Martinsburg, WV
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