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How Gaia Can Help With
Post-Caesarean & Perineum Scar Pain

  • Approximately 1/3 of all US births are cesarean sections and up to 18% may experience chronic scar pain.

  • Greater than 85% of women who undergo a vaginal birth will sustain some degree of perineal tearing.

  • Up to 11% of vaginal deliveries may result in a third- or fourth-degree tear.

This solidifies that addressing scar and surrounding tissue mobility is absolutely necessary to address movement, pain, and function. Most women experience some degree of tissue injury during childbirth and physical therapists are the best people for the job! Indirect tissue care (not directly on incision site) can begin early on to promote healing and streamline return to activity. With our hands-on ability to perform superficial and deep tissue release/massage, and joint, muscle, or visceral mobilization, we can make significant improvements in movement tolerance and tissue sensitivity.

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