Now available in 2 locations, as well as continuing to provide in-home and virtual services!

1) FREDERICK, MD (located inside of Sol Yoga Studio)

256 W. Patrick Street

Frederick, MD 21701


2) HEDGESVILLE, WV (located inside of Hometown Healing)

3790 Hedgesville Road, Suite K

Hedgesville, WV 25427


Through a holistic approach, our mission is to empower women to return to functional and pain-free movement. 


Every woman deserves to be educated and supported before, during and after the transition into motherhood.  

Services provided:

  • Pregnancy - addresses any pregnancy related pain (back, hip, pubic symphysis, etc), change in bowel or bladder, birth prep and education

  • Postpartum - pelvic floor wellness check or specific treatment for postpartum concerns (prolapse, diastasis recti, incontinence, painful intercourse, return to lifting or running)

  • Orthopedic - joint or muscle pain of new onset or persistent concern (low or mid back, hip, groin, tailbone, or others)



Our approach to physical therapy is unique in our ability to address:

  • The intentional relationship between anatomy and emotion  

  • Bowel, bladder and sexual function as the center of our "core" 

  • Utilizing a whole-body outlook, which is not defined by diagnosis or body part

  • The intricacies of movement strategies and ineffective movement patters on pain, posture, and lifestyle

"5 stars isn't enough. I highly recommend Gaia Women's PT & Wellness!! I worked with Maggie virtually in hopes of finding some relief for the excruciating and debilitating pain I was in just a few weeks ago. I am so happy to report that my PAIN IS GONE and has been for 2 weeks now! I feel forever indebt to Maggie for fixing my problem."  - Melanie

"Maggie, I wish to express my upmost appreciation to you.The expertise, knowledge and support for my therapy was beyond just another patient. You were my cheerleader and my coach.I have had a lot of physical and personal challenges,but you still take time to encourage me on my own.  I certainly wouldn't be where I am now without you."  - Judy

"Not only is Maggie extremely professional, but she is compassionate and caring. She listens to your concerns and addresses every aspect of healing, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. I would absolutely recommend Maggie." - Christie

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