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Gaia Women's Physical Therapy and Wellness in Martinsburg, WV

Wondering if your pelvic floor is causing your symptoms?

5 Habits

Your Pelvic Floor Will Thank You

Most of us spend little to no time thinking about our pelvic floor. Furthermore, we may not know that the things we're experiencing aren't "normal" because talking about peeing, pooping, and sex can be a bit taboo.


That's why we're sharing our top tips to keep your pelvic floor happy and healthy. Get the guide to start taking better care of your pelvic floor today!

Here are Gaia Women's Physical Therapy, we've helped hundreds of women just like you. 

  • Women who have delayed getting the help they deserve while prioritizing the needs of others.

  • Women who were dismissed by other healthcare providers.

  • Women who were told that their pain, leaking, or other symptoms were a "normal" part of being a woman.

  • Women who believed their situation was hopeless because of the severity of duration of their symptoms.

You aren't alone...

5 Habits
5 Habits
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