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Gaia Women's Physical Therapy and Wellness in Martinsburg, WV

What if you could feel confident, prepared, and supported through your pregnancy and birth experience?

Pelvic floor physical therapy for pregnancy, Pregnancy prep in Martinsburg, WV

Put an end to the overwhelm and get the tools and support you need for a successful birth!

Get your complimentary copy of our Pregnancy and Birth Prep Guide Book, written by pelvic health therapists, to help you feel confident and empowered at every stage of your pregnancy journey.

  • A manageable to-do list of the most high priority tasks for each trimester

  • Resources to support you in learning about your body's amazing transformation

  • Journal prompts to help you reflect and gain insight about your pregnancy & childbirth experience

  • Information to help you find the right providers to join your team and boost your confidence

  • A printable birth plan to support you and your team through the birth process

What you'll get...

Birth prep guide, Gaia Women's PT, Martinsburg, WV

Why do you need this guide?


Learn about the expert support members you need on your birth team


Get Expert Advice on Prenatal Care and Childbirth Preparation


Empower yourself to advocate for you and your baby! 

What Our Birth Prep Clients Say

Maggie is phenomenal! She helped me prepare for my first birth. When I was in labor I knew how to push because we had worked on that.  Highly recommend to anyone pregnant or postpartum for pelvic floor therapy!!!

Zandy H.

Birth prep guide, Gaia Women's PT, Martinsburg, WV
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