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What to Expect During Your Pelvic Floor Therapy Evaluation

For many women, discussing pelvic health concerns can be a daunting prospect. Many of us have sadly had less than stellar experiences with a medical provider, or may just feel self-conscious about bringing up this subject with a stranger. If you're considering a pelvic therapy evaluation, understanding what to expect can alleviate concerns and ensure a smoother and more comfortable experience. In this post, we’ll be sharing what this process looks like here at Gaia Women’s Physical Therapy

Prepping for Your Pelvic Physical Therapy Evaluation

The initial evaluation is critical for understanding the root causes of pelvic health issues. At Gaia Women’s Physical Therapy, these evaluations are comprehensive, focusing on identifying underlying musculoskeletal dysfunctions, postural imbalances, and movement impairments as well as how your emotional health and lifestyle choices may be contributing to existing symptoms. Here’s a peek at what you can expect when you come in for your very first visit at Gaia.

Questions About Your Symptoms and Medical History

Prior to your evaluation, you will receive Gaia’s intake forms which allow you to review our policies and processes and give consent to participate in treatment. You’ll answer a few questions about your medical history and the primary complaints that prompted you to seek care. 

When you arrive for your first visit, your therapist will review that information with you and dive deeper to gain a better understanding of your medical history and lifestyle in order to create a customized treatment plan. She may ask about your birth history, previous orthopedic injuries or surgeries, other medical conditions, nutrition, movement and exercise, sexual function, bowel and bladder function, emotional and mental well-being, and of course your goals for therapy. 

Physical Examination

Next, your pelvic floor therapist will perform a thorough physical assessment. She will complete a posture analysis to identify imbalances or misalignments that may be impacting your pelvic floor. She will likely observe your movement patterns - asking you to walk, bend, squat, or balance on one foot - in order to assess any areas of weakness or compensatory movements. 

Based on those findings, your pelvic floor therapist may focus on testing the strength or flexibility of specific muscles in order to develop a targeted exercise program. She will likely assess your joint and tissue mobility throughout your spine, pelvis, and hips in order to identify any restrictions that may be contributing to your symptoms. 

Finally, your therapist may request to perform an internal pelvic exam, which can help her to gather critical information about the tone, strength, and coordination of the pelvic floor muscles. This examination is completed with the utmost care to ensure your privacy and comfort, and your therapist will take the time to walk you through exactly what to expect before beginning your exam.

Developing a Pelvic Floor Therapy Plan of Care

Once your therapist has gathered the information needed, she will work with you to develop a plan of care that fits your lifestyle and starts moving you towards your goals. She will discuss recommendations for the frequency of follow up visits, potential treatment strategies, and provide education and home exercises to support you between visits. HERE, you can find more information on the types of serves and treatments we offer in the realm of pelvic health, prenatal and postpartum care.

Please remember that YOU are the most critical member of your care team. If you have questions or concerns, please bring them up with your therapist so that she can develop a plan that is customized to your needs. 

Book Your Pelvic Physical Therapy Evaluation Today

Embarking on a pelvic floor therapy evaluation can be a monumental step toward improving your pelvic health and overall well-being. By understanding the comprehensive nature of the evaluation process and the expertise of our specialized pelvic physical therapists at Gaia Women’s Physical Therapy, you can approach your evaluation with confidence and reassurance. If you have more questions about our process, contact us now.

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